Point of Sale

Point of Sale / Credit Card Processing 

Point of Sale done right isn’t just a cash register and chit producer.

On the front side, it controls the entire flow and foh -> boh communication, from coursing, and holding items, to notes and item availability. Done right, it makes communication crystal clear, eliminates errors, waste, and re-fires.  Additionally, you can infuse training right into the Point of Sale, creating a better guest experience, and increasing your sales, while training and adding to your service staffs’ knowledge base at the same time. win-win-win

On the backside,  this is your health center and should be the source of the data that drives great decisions. Breaking down your analytics and metrics, giving you a 3-D look into your business. Having the ability to have both customized, real-time reports throughout the day, and consolidated nightly reports, as well as the ability to zoom out and see trends and make data-driven predictions and forecasting.

Familiar and knowledgeable on point of sale systems.

We can help guide you to the best choice for your business.

Free of some salesman trying to pitch you just their system.

We can typically greatly reduce set-up and installation costs.

We also work with and recommend trusted flat rate Credit Card Processors typically reducing your costs.


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Helping match and giving advice on POS systems is something we offer and do for free. 1- This only builds and strengthens our network  2- It creates a trust; by giving great info that helps you and your business, it is more likely that you will use or recommend us in the future. 3- We are restaurant professionals who were managers and directors, who understand you’re already a jack of all trades, and with all the things you’re already focusing on to reduce your cost and increase your sales while keeping your staff and guests happy, becoming a POS or CC Processor guru doesn’t need to be one of them.