Long Beach’s Top 15 Breakfast Spots

Top 15 Breakfast Restaurants in Long Beach


Long Beach is definitely a breakfast loving town. Every Neighborhood has some great breakfast spots, way too many for this list to cover.  I already know I probably missed your favorite one. Knowing I can’t get them all, I tried to highlight the stand-outs and pick from each corner of our city.

I couldn’t write this list and not address that we just lost a great breakfast legend. So, this list is dedicated to the memory and honor or Chuck Tinkler. I loved that you could always count on seeing Chuck’s friendly face working or chatting away. Chuck created a brand that started in 1964 and soon after was “locally world famous”.  Chuck was successful because he was genuine and loved what he did. It showed! The interaction and love for his guests was real, and that was his secret ingredient. Every visit to Chuck’s and I walked away feeling better than when I arrived. On April 27th, at 77 years old, the big guy upstairs decided to bring that love and passion to heaven, and now Chuck is probably up there hugging everyone, serving up the Weasel, and the best breakfast in the cosmos.


Chucks Coffee Shop

Over 50 years old! This is a beautiful location, amazing, friendly staff, and the most dedicated and loving owner you could ask for. This doesn’t just make the “best of” list, it defines it! The building has been practically unchanged since the day he bought it, but then again I don’t know if I have ever even eaten inside. A true Long Beach breakfast staple and one of the best places to enjoy a great breakfast.

4120 E Ocean blvd

Potholder (1, 2 & 3)

This was an easy one, of course. Potholder didn’t just find love in the belmont heights neighborhood. It is loved city wide, hence why you can also find one in the heart of downtown and their newest addition off the traffic circle. Their staff is so phenomenal and warm, plus it’s great you get to see them working at all three restaurants, so there’s always a familiar smiling face. Like all of these great breakfast spots, be prepared to wait, lots of people like coming here.

3700 Broadway / 310 W Broadway / 2246 Lakewood Blvd

Aroma di Roma

Yes, yes, yes. If you’re one of Aroma di Roma’s locals, you might not even know there were other breakfast options out there. Its not hard to see why this place is  it’s own little microcosm. There seems to be a trend with these great breakfast spots, that they all have amazing, loving, and dedicated owners. Tim defines this and you can taste it in the care and quality that he puts into every cup of joe or panini.  This is also a great spot for soccer fans or those looking for more of a european feeling cafe.

4708 E 2nd St

Blackbird Cafe

Every time I come in or drive past this place their patio is full of people and good energy. A super cute neighborhood cafe, with good food and warm, friendly service. They serve up tons of traditional items with fun modern twists, making their menu, one of my favorites. Their cute and chic ambience ties this place up with a bow, making it pretty much just what you’d expect, unless you’re expecting a Beatles restaurant, it’s not that.

3405 Orange Ave

The Coffee Cup Cafe

I don’t think I even need to write anything for this one. This might be universally agreed on as one of the best breakfast restaurants in Long Beach. Packed all the time. Thats actually the one and only reason I could find not go there, just because the wait can be long, so bring friends or strike up a conversation. The staff here is on it! This place hums like a well oiled machine. I have never been disappointed.

3734 E 4th St

Starling Diner

It’s definitely the food. This super cute and quaint diner is another hidden gem, secluded in a residential neighborhood of Belmont Heights. The food is certainly the cornerstone of their success, and it’s their French Toast that they are famous for. It’s small size has not stopped this diner from being a big hit, so don’t be surprised if there is a wait, just know its well worth it.

4114 E 3rd St


Delightful Crepes

One of my personal favorites. Not surprising to find another super loving and dedicated owner. This might be the hidden gem of the list, tucked away in college park, just east of CSULB. I think the thing I love the best is how above and beyond they go and not even for publicity. Simone the owner is very health conscious and she prides herself on making everything from scratch and from high quality, fresh, and organic products. She was one of the first to offer gluten free crepes and other items, before it became cool.

1190 N Studebaker Rd

Claire’s at the Museum

Such a gorgeous property and view; one of the few beachside, ocean view properties. Classic and refined breakfast cuisine with a modern twist make this a dynamic and enjoyable menu. I do certainly suggest reservations, as they take them. Great place for a breakfast date or a brunch group. They also make great cocktails.

2300 E Ocean Blvd

The Local Spot

Their name kinda says it all. Thats exactly what this cafe is. They could have also named it always packed. Awesome and friendly staff, and doesn’t matter if its your first visit or your hundredth visit, you will always be treated like local. This is a fun bunch who clearly enjoys their job. Great outside patio seating (that’s dog friendly).

6200 PCH

Schooner or Later

I debated on this one. I know some of you are yelling at the screen saying what? Are you crazy? But yes, Schooner or Later barely squeaked in. No doubt the best view on this list; location, location, location. I also can’t deny that this place is always packed and tons of people swear by it, I’m just not one of those people. As fun and as beautiful this restaurant is, I can’t say it’s always a smooth or easy experience.

241 N Marina Dr

The Breakfast Bar

With a cute little bar, it’s easy to see how it got its name, but don’t worry it also has a great patio, that is also dog friendly. Sharing a lot with the Travelodge, this defiantly is not some hotel breakfast bar, and totally exceeded my expectations. Good food and warm friendly service, plus always busy and on wait. The Breakfast Bar has strongly secured a spot on this list.

70 Atlantic Ave

Village Cafe

One of the most friendly, genuine, and caring staffs and ownership you’ll find. There we go again with a super dedicated and amazing owner, see the trend here? Super small and quaint, really the perfect local neighborhood cafe. Great food and staff, wait is pretty reasonable, perfect for a couple or a few friends, unfortunately, its small size doesn’t accommodate large parties well.

4148 N Viking Way

Sunrise Cafe

Choo Choo! If you’ve been, you’ll know exactly what that means, and actually I don’t think that I’ll tell. You’ll have to go yourself to find out. Another super great owner who is dedicated and absolutely loves his business. Cute dining room and the food is great. Traditional breakfast menu with a touch of that old school; feels like the places my grandma would take me as a child. Not many cafes like this left.

4101 Lakewood Blvd

Grounds Bakery Cafe

Not a typical breakfast cafe. This is a walk up counter service style focused on their coffee, bagels, pastries, and yummy treats. They also have great breakfast panini’s, sandwiches, skillets and scrambles. This was another that snuck on to this list, mostly because the lack of wait staff and alcohol choices. However, I know so many people, who make this a part of their daily routine, I couldn’t not add it. Plus it is super cute, and I’d take it over any national chain coffee shop.

6277 E Spring St

Eggs Etc

Your quintessential local neighborhood breakfast spot. Great value, friendly service, packed full of your neighbors, and a traditional breakfast menu. If this were a baseball player, maybe they wouldn’t hit many homers, but they are definitely always batting way over 300. I love their covered patio; getting to enjoy sitting outside and the fresh air without the sun beating down on you. Like many on the list, parking can be challenging, so I suggest riding your bike or walking to this one. I have to add in that since a recent changing of the guard, I have heard many mixed reviews recently. I’m still going to give them the benifit of the doubt, for now.

550 Redondo Ave

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  1. Jodie Reply

    In case you missed it, Chuck, owner of Chuck’s died recently. He will be missed working the room as we breakfast.

  2. A Reply

    You missed the best of the best breakfast restaurants. Hofs Hut on Bellflower Blvd.

  3. Susan usas Reply

    Not in Long Beach but blackboard bistro in seal beach is amazing! Also river cafe is awesome too!

  4. LactateSampler Reply

    Hofs hut at a time long gone had GREAT CHEFS…Now the food cookers learned how to prepare stuff on hot rocks heated by trash fires on the thier local beach ??= pa’tron silver courage haha!

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