Living Herb Rack

Living Herb Rack

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As we start to see health and food differently, many of us urban dwellers don’t have as many choices when it comes to eating fresh, natural or raw; plus there seems to be lots of money and trust involved often time. So what options are there? One that I have recently come across is a living herb wall, vertical gardening or folkewall. Now, I’ve seen different forms and names of this years ago, but these were large units that were not really space savers so it lacked benefits for apartment living. But now, with this big push back to healthy living, we’ve found ways again to overcome obstacles. Good news it you don’t have to by a DIYer to pull this off.

tower garden
One of my favorite to buy options comes from Tower Garden, a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system, that's perfect for rooftops, patios, balconies, terraces. Here's a little Video that shows how it works.  Amazon offers a 7-pocket XL vertical planter, by Ambitious Walnut for $17.99, not a bad deal, very simplistic design, can add more rows to achieve to “wall” look, and each individual row is narrow and great for tight space. Or if you’re looking for something more chic or sleek, check out My Urbio, These guys are pretty cool and have lots of different options due to their “lego” type design, so you get to customize your herb wall any way or look you want, so of course, it’s a little more pricey.

 I have found Folke Gunther at Folkewall to be a huge resource. Especially if you really want to take your efforts to the next level or are interested on more technical or engineering aspects, you definitely need to check out his site, wealth of knowledge.

 Okay, now for the DIY. If you want to create your own, maybe a custom design for your exact space or feel, I again would seriously consider reading about Folke Gunthers folkewall first. If you already have your tool belt on and you’re just looking for instructions, here are some great easy YouTube videos to try Video 1 or Video 2, both are helpful.

 So I think this should help get you on your way to a fresher, healthier you! But before you go, if you’re trying to eat and live healthier, if you’re looking for options to grow your own food in tight spaces. I would strongly suggest looking into mushroom logs or mushrooms kits, that you’re able to grow right on your counter or shelf, they're very easy and little maintenance. Now, I know mushrooms have a stigma to them, but again, I strongly urge you to research the health benefits of mushrooms, like weight control, decreases the risk of cancer, immunity and anti-virus, improves total nutrition and increase vitamin D levels. Here’s a video that talks about some of the benefits. Additionally Paul Staments is the leading researcher in this field and has everything you need at, and to cap it off, Paul talks about some of mushrooms amazing but true, health benefits in the Video


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