$15 Minimum Wage

National manditory minimum $15 an hour wage...

Recently there has been a big push for an increased minimum wage. In California, we are already on a progression towards $15 an hour minimum, while San Francisco has already adapted a city wide mandatory minimum of $15 an hour and city’s like Santa Monica and Long Beach are on their coattails and watching closely. Along with many other cities like, New York, who have already implemented the $15 an hour mandatory minimum. It’s important you understand I’m not arguing for lower quality of life for people; on the contrary, I feel for the protection of people who work minimum wage jobs, we must honesty look at this and ask, how will this really play out?

1) The government is the only one who wins! This increases employers’ taxes, it also increases the employees’ income tax. Big brother gets double the monitory increase.

2) Which will cause inflation...raising the costs of living, raising the costs of goods and services, and again, big brother benefiting by collecting more tax dollars from the increased sales prices.

3) unskilled / minimum wage jobs won't turn into $15 /hr jobs. They are going to disappear. Look at Europe, New York and now San Francisco, replacing minimum wage jobs with automatic ordering, robots and machines. This increase will force business to remove their need for minimum wage employees. Companies will then find ways to increase certain people’s workloads, while they fire others, re-balancing their labor cost matrix. We will, un-employ millions of Americans over night.  The business model stays the same: increase profits quarter over quarter, year over year. It doesn’t stop the incessant thirst for more and more profit, so if you force an increase in labor costs, they must then find a way to both reduce their need for labor and increase their sales and/or profitability.

automatic ordering

4) Business will start moving hourly wage employees to more salaried positions, then will increase the work load, expanding the hours, putting you back to a minimum wage job, just now working more with less quality of life.

5) This removes motivation, minimum wage increase helps people who haven't helped themselves, often times. I started at minimum wage, it sucked, but it was an unskilled job and I, at that time, had no skills, so I learned skills on the job, worked hard, had performance to back my efforts and I received raises and promotions, which allowed me to take other jobs at higher wages. Over the years, I now make a decent wage, and I’m happy and grateful. I have fought for every advancement, I've worked hard to get here. Do you think any employers’ are now, in addition, on their own, going to just double our pay to adjust and compensate, probably not. This will hurt some of the best Americans out there. The ones who work their butts off and have found ways to step by step increase their skills and pay. This will bring up an entire level of unskilled labor to a pay grade for professional labor, demolishing the last 2 decades of millions of hard working Americans labors and toils for advancement.

I'm in the restaurant business, I came to this business because I got sick of working jobs, where some people would come to work happy, ready to work, ready to learn, ready to do better, and others would barely be there. At some jobs I would have over double the production of my fellow co-workers, yet we made the SAME wage or because of longevity they would even get paid MORE. Yes, more money to do less work?  Why would I want to stay in that system? So I started taking on tipped jobs, which lead me to the restaurant industry. I loved it! Why? Paid for performance, the better I did, the harder I worked, the more productive I became, the more I made. I controlled my destiny for the first time, yet to achieve this, I MUST perform at a high level with skill, otherwise I wouldn't EARN good tips. If tipped jobs go to $15, then tipping goes away, followed by motivation to do a good job. There is no bonus or incentive. This also forces the business to increase the cost of items and reduce the amount of hourly staff, giving the end user, you, a worse experience for a lesser product at a higher price.

Minimum wage is minimum wage for a reason, not because society wants you to stay at a minimum wage job and raise a family on that. No, that’s crazy. It’s for entry level, unskilled, starting out, level 1, preface, etc It’s your responsibility to increase your worth, increase your value; believe me, if you offer value, you’ll always have a job and will earn a decent to an amazing living. Improve yourself, improve you skills, take charge and be the master of your destiny.

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